Genesis 1 is powerful! Ask any good English teacher to look at chapter 1, and they will scream that it is a “Polysyndeton nightmare.” Yet there is a purpose behind all the repeated conjunctions found in chapter 1. If the Holy Spirit wanted, He could have precisely recorded these days over thousands of volumes without one grammatical mistake. Did He not know language skills before there appeared a single human language? You see, the continual use of conjunctions in such proximities is a tool the Spirit uses to slow us down while reading this section so, as readers, we will look intently at every phrase and search each word with acute interest. The Holy Spirit desires us to divide, measure, and weigh each word; thus the explanation for the “Polysyndeton nightmare.” Satan despises Genesis chapter 1. Satan is trying his very best to get men today to deny the accuracy of this chapter, hoping to convince men that this chapter is a: fairy tale, legend, myth, unreliable, unrealistic and unfactual. Why? Because if Satan can get us to deny the very first assertion of God, that He is God and Creator of this Universe, then Satan can get us to deny anything God has written. Once the door of denial is open to inspiration, then he knows he can waltz in and destroy. Thus, if Satan can get us to question Genesis 1, why not question Genesis 12? If Satan can get us to deny the creation, why not reject salvation as well? If we cannot trust God to tell us the truth in Genesis 1, then please tell me how we can trust Him in John 3:16?

Brethren, there is a war today concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in Genesis 1. And we expect this war today especially from Atheists, Agnostics, and Darwinists. But the war is closer home today than that; for we now have those who teach and instruct in our Christian colleges today who deny the reality of Genesis 1. And if Genesis 1 is not legit, then where does it end? And who gives scholars the right to decide which Scriptures are to be accepted or not?

When all is said and done, who wins when
people start to deny any inspiration from Scripture? We clearly know the answer to that one: Satan, 1 Timothy 4:1. Why would anyone give in to him today?